Wedderburn: A true tale of blood and dust by Maryrose Cuskelly

1. First lines. 2. Publisher: Allen and Unwin. 3. Screenshot Google Maps street view – Logan-Wedderburn Road – 18/7/19. 4. Map from inside book. 5. SUV dust [Public Domain] via Max Pixel
I liked this book.
Bloody-mindedness ends in tragedy.

On October 22nd 2014, three members of the same family were murdered by their neighbour near the country town of Wedderburn, Victoria. The author delves into the motivation for the murders, using the perspectives of friends, family, neighbours and townspeople.

“For the police, it must have seemed as if this would be one of those cases that could be put to bed with a minimum of time and effort. They had the perpetrator, his confession, and more than enough evidence to satisfy a jury if it came to trial. Furthermore, Jamieson had stated more than once that he was prepared to go to jail for his actions. There was no need to delve deeply into motive, establish opportunity or carry out superfluous tests. They could assume a straightforward and relatively speedy conclusion to the criminal proceedings. It didn’t quite work out that way.”

“Jamieson’s apparent intention to disrupt the proceedings against him have added another, unforeseen, dimension to this story. What occurred, I wonder, to his intention, repeatedly avowed in the hours after the murders, to accept the consequences of his actions: ‘I’m guilty. Do what you like.'”

“Great passion fuelled by pettiness and resentment; pride, hubris, paranoia and malice writ upon dry and dusty paddocks and in modest rural dwellings; one-time friends turned mortal enemies; a chorus of neighbours warning of impending disaster. Everything laid to waste as the protagonists advanced obdurately towards their own destruction.”

Quotes from the book.

Author website: Maryrose Cuskelly

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