Authors H-L

Halliburton, Rachel The Optickal Illusion

Halls, Stacey The Foundling

Ham, Rosalie The Year of the Farmer

Hamid, Mohsin Exit West The Reluctant Fundamentalist

Hammer, Chris Scrublands

Hargrave, Kiran Millwood. The Mercies

Harper, Jane The Dry Force of Nature The Lost Man The Survivors

Harvey, Samantha The Western Wind

Hawke, Steve The Valley

Haynes, Natalie A Thousand Ships

Heard, Barry The Operators

Heiss, Anita  Barbed Wire and Cherry Blossoms 

Hills, Lia The Crying Place

Holland, Patrick One

Hooper, Chloe The Arsonist

Hornby, Nick Juliet, Naked

Hurley, Susan Eight Lives

Ishiguro, Kazuo The Remains of the Day

Jackson, Shirley We Have Always Lived in the Castle

Jameson, Hanna The Last Jiles, Paulette Lighthouse Island

Jiles, Paulette Simon the Fiddler

Joel, Maggie The Unforgiving City

Johnson, Daisy Sisters

Jonasson, Ragnar The Island (Hidden Iceland #2)

Jones, Gail The Death of Noah Glass

Joukhadar, Zeyn The Map of Salt and Stars

Juchau, Mireille The World Without Us

Kaminsky, Leah The Hollow Bones

Keane, Mary Beth Fever Ask Again, Yes

Kehlmann, Daniel Tyll

Keneally, Meg Fled The Wreck

Keneally, Meg and Tom The Ink Stain

Keneally, Tom Two Old Men Dying The Dickens Boy

Kieza, Grantlee Mrs Kelly

Kim, Angie. Miracle Creek

Kim, Anna The Great Homecoming

Kingsolver, Barbara Unsheltered

Krueger, William Kent This Tender Land

Kruimink, K. M. A Treacherous Country

Kwon, R. O., The Incendiaries.

Laguna, Sofie Infinite Splendours

Lapina, Shari, The Couple Next Door

Lalami, Laila The Other Americans

Lea, Caroline. The Glass Woman.

Le Carre, John Agent Running in the Field

Lee, Jen Sookfong, The Conjoined

Lefteri, Christy The Beekeeper of Aleppo

Linnell, Garry Buckley’s Chance Captain Moonlite

Lunde, Maja The History of Bees (Climate Quartet #1) The End of the Ocean (Climate Quartet #2)