Why glance-a-book images?


And here it is in lots of words:

Selecting books to read, for most people, is by word-of-mouth, from book reviews in print and online media, and from browsing bookstores and libraries. However, long reviews of books (so many words to read), and browsing for books (so many shelves to look at!) can sometimes be overwhelming.

In contrast, a quick glance at an image to give us an essence of what the book is another way of making book selections. Images of anything and everything  have become so much part of our lives, particularly on social media. This is how the idea for making glanceable images of books came about.  Glanceable images are images that can be understood quickly, or at a glance, particularly on an electronic screen (according to dictionary.com) .

About copyright: Glance-a-book images are digital collages. They are created using images that are copyright-free, or that are labelled for reuse. Most are free for commercial use, with no attribution required. If attribution is required, it is clearly marked. Book covers have been downloaded from publisher websites, and they are attributed. On this page, the bookshelf
is my photo, and the popart picture is from Pixabay (free for use with no attribution required.)